Climbing Birthday Parties | Terra Firma Bouldering Co


Event Hours

Groups may schedule events with 2-3 weeks notice and based on availability:

Monday - Friday 9am --- 11am*

Saturday & Sunday  9am --- 11am*, 2pm --- 4pm*

 *These hours only represent our birthday event hours.


A $100 deposit is due on booking. The full payment is due on the event date. Cancellations within 3 day’s notice will not be refunded their down deposit. 

- Groups of 10-15*: There is a flat rate charge of $250.

- This charge includes rental shoes for each climber.

- Includes our rental room with table and chairs (food is not included.)

- The maximum child group size is 15 kids.

- 1 hour and 15 minutes of climbing instruction

- 45-minute celebration time in party room.

- Every 3 children need 1 supervising adult.

Group Instruction & Staffing

An additional Terra Firma instructor can be made available for $30/hr. Our instructor will give you a safety talk, introduce you to bouldering routes and basic bouldering movements, and will be available to assist you through the duration of your event.


Please email Terra Firma with a roster of participants’ first and last names at least 48 hours ahead of time. We need a completed waiver for each participant prior to turning in the roster. Our waiver can be found on our website at All members of the group, including those who are not planning to climb, will need to fill out a waiver. All children under the age of 17 will need a waiver filled by a legal guardian. 

Food & Drink

No food or drink is included in the pricing, but we do provide beverages and snacks at our facility for additional cost.

Please contact our operation manager or call us at 616. 279. 3169 for any questions!