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The Royal We

Here at Terra Firma, we're really just one big family. So rather than climbing solo, we've created the Terra Firma Bouldering League so you can climb with all your duderinas and duderinos. The League gives climbers of all genders and abilities the opportunity to climb and compete together on teams. V0-V8+ climbers living together in 6 weeks of blissfully competitive harmony.



$15 for members

$25 for non-members*

Please register at the front desk before May 27th, 2018. All competitors will get to participate in the 6 week bouldering league, get a 2018 bouldering league shirt, be entered into the finals raffle, and have VIP access to the finals party.


*Price does not include day passes or gear rentals. Non-Members who enter benefit from only paying $10 for their day pass including rentals!


The Dude abides.

  • Teams must consist of 4 people.
  • You may use an alternate if someone is going to be absent - please indicate the alternate on your score card.
  • Teams may climb anytime on Thursdays but need to climb all together as a team.
  • Scorecards must be picked up together as a team and must be returned as a team to the front desk before leaving.
  • All climbs must be sent in front of a non-team member witness.
  • Your team must climb routes designated by league tags.
  • The league is based on the honor system so please be honest and trustworthy! If you or any of your team members lie or cheat, your entire team will be subject to disqualification.
  • Bonus points will be given to teams that show up every week
  • If you're flashing more than 3 problems above your V-max handicap, your V-Max will get bumped up.

The Ins, Outs, and What-Have-Yous

Each week, your individual score will be the sum of your top 5 problems. After the last week, your final score will be a cumulative total of your best 4 nights. Your team's weekly score will be the sum of the team's individual scores.



The V-Max System

Points are made using the V-Max Handicap System. We'll set your V-Max on the first day of the league. To determine your V-Max, think of the highest grade you have been able to complete recently with some regularity. That will be your “Max V”. Your points are then derived from that baseline.


The League Calendar