We have some news for you all on a few changes that will affect the gym and your experience.

To start off, we want to thank you for how amazing you all are for rolling with the punches and sticking it out as we have dealt with various city issues. You are our people and our tribe, and you are what motivates us to do what we do everyday.

Here's the scoop. Due to new demands from the City of Grand Rapids to have a higher occupancy, we must temporarily operate with a limited occupancy load for the gym. We are only allowed to have a certain amount of people (49 to be exact) in the gym at any given time until our occupancy load is approved for increase.

How does this affect you? Fair question.

1.  The Rabble Rouser 2 is going to be rescheduled to a later date.  It would be impossible for us to host the caliber of a comp you deserve with these limitations. Anyone who has purchased tickets will be refunded their purchase within the next 10 business days. A future date is yet to be determined, but we will announce that information as soon as possible.

2.  We will temporarily be asking members and visitors to call ahead or schedule directly at the front desk to reserve time slots for climbing. You will not be limited to climb for a specific amount of time per se, but we will be operating on a first come first served basis for each time slot. These slots will be divided into one hour increments, so if you plan on climbing for three hours, you will put your name in each hour time block that applies to your visit.

This is a temporary issue that we expect to have resolved quickly and efficiently, but in the meantime we have to makes these slight adjustments to the routine.

We recognize the frustration that this process could cause, but we're working diligently to address what quick changes need to be made for a higher occupancy. It will be a learning process for us as we comply with the current occupancy restrictions and ensure you get to maximize your climbing experience, so we appreciate your patience with us in advance. We will be firm about our head count in the gym, so please schedule in advance and respect your scheduled climb time.

Thank you for your understanding and please accept our sincerest apology for any issues this causes you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Operations Manager, Sam Davies, with any specific questions or concerns at sam@climbterrafirma.com

We look forward to getting things back to normal shortly!