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Our Youth Rec Teams meet once a week and are ongoing. The recreational teams are designed to introduce kids to the fun of rock climbing along with its many challenges. Through skill based games and climbing, our kids grow physically and mentally. They learn and take away the artistry that not only empowers them in climbing, but also in the outside world where real risks lie.



Ages 6-8

$80 Members, $105 Non-Members

Paid Monthly


Meets every Tuesday 4:30PM- 6:00PM

This is where it all starts, developing lifelong foundations that will carry kids forward into their climbing future. These climbers get to share in all the fun and learn the fundamentals for competitive climbing. Friendships are made and confidence is grown!


Ages 9-11

$85 Members, $110 Non-Members

Paid Monthly


Meets every Monday 4:30PM- 6:00PM

Whether it's building on the foundations or being introduced to climbing for the first time, our kids become aware of the rush, the thrill, and the demand climbing presents. These climbers grow as a team and as individuals learning the basics of teamwork and developing their problem solving abilities all while having a blast doing it. Challenges are conquered and fears are faced. Topping walls is the key to success. 


Ages 12-17

$90 Members, $115 Non-Members

Paid Monthly


Meets every Wednesday 4:30PM- 6:30PM

Taking the risk and reaching for that next hold is what it's all about. Climbers develop perseverance, learn to dig deep, and grow to believe in themselves. Give everything you've got to crush challenges and reach goals. This team builds skill-sets for recreational and competitive climbing. Our oldest age range for recreational climbing will build character and determination to pursue anything life throws at you!

Site is currently under construction, please contact for any questions on registering for our youth rec team. 

 Youth Climbing Camp at Terra Firma

Stay Tuned for 2019 Summer Camp!

Times: 8:30a-11:30a each day


Children ages 6-15 are invited to have fun exploring the challenges of rock climbing in a safe environment! Each camp day will consist of bouldering basics, a climbing game, and a lesson on outdoor adventure. All children and guardians must have waivers signed or filled out online by their legal guardians before camp starts. No food will be provided except water by our staff. Please come prepared with snacks for your children. Parents or guardians don't need to be in attendance during camp hours but are welcome to stay and watch!

Cost: Members: $125, Non-Members $135

*Must be paid at the front desk or online in full one week before class starts. Registration includes participation in the youth camp, a t-shirt, Day Passes on camp days, and shoe and chalk rentals for each day.